Humanity Supporter Charity (Hami Ensaniyat) Licensed and Supervised by Iran Welfare Organization

At a Glance

Humanity Supporter Charity (Hami Ensaniyat) is an official non-governmental charitable institute registered in Iran.
This charity Licensed and supervised by Iran welfare organization under the registered No.1548, national ID 0000000000000 and license No. 000000000000000, was established by a group of scholar donors based on the aim of supporting and helping the real needy by modern scientific methods.
All activities, bank accounts as well as financial transactions of this charity are under the direct supervision of Iran welfare organization.

Humanity Supporter Charity At a Glance

 اصل و اصالت با انسان و انسانیت است…

The Institute History

The Institute History

The idea of this plot has been begun since the night in which three retired scholar friends got together, reviewing the sweet as well as harsh memories of their training period.

One of them reminded the painful memory of the students’ dropout because of poverty.

At that night, these teachers decided to support the students again by stablishing a charity.

In the winter of 2014, the request of the charity license has been submitted to the Iran welfare organization; and in 2015 the license has been issued and the charity registration has been completed.

Help the real needy by the use of clear scientific methods.

The Charity Monitoring

Humanity Supporter Charity is registered in Iran national document organization and all of its activities are monitored under the direct supervision of Iran welfare organization.

The charity licensees

National Recorded Name: Humanity Supporter Non-business/beneficial Charity

Registration No: 1546

Registration Organization: Iran national document organization

Registration Department: Institutes as well as Companies Registration

Registration Date: 27-04-2016

National No: 14005792008

License No: 89930/95

License Exporter: Iran Central welfare organization

License Exportation Date: 13-03-2017

License Validity Duration: 5 years

Humanity Supporter Charity At a Glance

We have chosen the best and the most suitable method to support the real needy by the use of the experts and specialist in psychology and sociology

I’m a donor

I am a donor

To know about the rules to help the needy, refer to the supports and donors special part.
Financial, online, Spiritual, job supports and etc.

I’m a Taker

I am a taker

To know about the different kinds of support, the charity gives to the needy, refer to the needy special part.
Supports in the form of food, goods, training, consulting and etc.

Financial Transparency

 شما هم می توانید در هر جایگاهی که هستید ، حامی ویژه موسسه حامی راه انسانیت شوید…

اینفوگرافیک همکاری با موسسه خیریه حامی راه انسانیت
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ارائه خدمات حمایتی به فارسی زبانان سراسر دنیا، بدون توجه به دین، آیین، مذهب،رنگ،نژاد،فرقه و ….

بدون توجه به دین ، آیین ، مذهب ، رنگ ، نژاد ، فرقه و ...