How to cooperate with Hami charity?2019-04-05T13:05:23+04:30

Hami charity is a non-profit private organization which is not supported by any governmental organization.
This charity performs as a non-political, non-religious as well as non-governmental and non-profit organization. So any donation by individuals can be so influential and makes big different.
Different kinds of donation:
Financial donation
No doubt, any organization even the non-profit must be supported via money to be survived. Our charity is not an exception.
All the financial supports gave to Hami charity are donated by individuals or private organizations. This charity is independent and dos not take any support by the government. So any amount of money even a penny can be so considerable.
Goods donation
We all have some goods that don’t need any more though they may be suitable to be used. So we can donate then to the needy.
Sometimes we want to provide the poor with the things they need relying on own suggestions. So we can buy everything may be needed and donate to the charity.
Mental donation
You can support our charity as well as our supported by your new ideas, plans, suggestion and even criticism to be able support as more as possible.
Be sure that according to our private policy, all of information are saved in private files.
Professional donation
You may have some skills such as baker, doctor, painter, sewer … and want to support by your skill freely.
The time and the amount of your support is as you desire. Of course, there are some people who can’t give financial support, they can help our supported by their free skills.
Virtual support
The simplest way to support Hami charity is to introduce and suggest the charity to others and attract more followers in our social networks.
If you or your friends have any website or social network, you can ask them to suggest their customers to visit the charity social networks as well as its websites and may support it.
If you desire to support Hami charity, we suggest many ways to choose the best one.
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What is the human equality principles on which the charity based?2019-04-05T13:03:50+04:30

Hami charity is a non-business, non-governmental and non-profit institute.

Who are the charity supporters and how can someone be the charity supporter?2019-04-05T13:02:46+04:30

All the persons who give financial as well as spiritual support to the charity are its supporters.
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How is the charity organization chart?2019-04-05T13:01:49+04:30

To see the latest version of the charity organization chart, refer to the organization chart page.
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Who are the main members of Hami charity?2019-04-05T13:00:34+04:30

To see the complete information about the members of the board, the charity security, volunteer members and volunteer aids, refer to the charity team page.
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Express the ways to communicate with humanity support charity (Hami Charity) as well as IRCHARITY online base.2019-04-04T22:16:44+04:30

Hami charity, using the science and the modern technology, offers different ways of communication:
– The Needy can easily communicate with the institution and be covered if deserved.
– The donors can communicate directly with the institute as well as the needy
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